Hi Christy:

I'll try to keep this reasonably short and to the point: How about a little on-air debate on the "smoking" issue?

Whether it's Vancouver City Council's most recent efforts and/or absolutely any other aspect of the issue that you might like to discuss, it doesn't matter to me.

It could be just you and me. Or maybe you'd prefer to play the role of "neutral" host in a show with me and your pal Dave "Doom and Gloom" Crown. Or maybe Bruce Allen (who is as opposed to Vancouver City Council's most recent amendment to the No Smoking bylaw as you are, although I'm not aware of any direct links to the nicotine cartel in his case) against me... or snake-in-the-grass Dave Laundy (normally, I'd feel some need to clarify who he is, but I'm sure you and/or your brother/husband know him very well) against me... or the ultimate tobacco whore, Nancy Daigneault, president of mychoice.ca (Canada's biggest and priciest [funded by the nicotine cartel, to the tune of at least $2.5 million that we know about] so-called "smokers' rights" group).

Hell, I'll take on all five of you!

In all fairness, though, before you get too excited, Christy, I should tell you: About 3 months ago, a freelance reporter with Co-op Radio contacted Daigneault's office, "challenging" her to debate me on Co-op Radio. Very conveniently, Daigneault had a rather endless list of reasons why the debate couldn't happen from one week to the next; she was booked solid with interviews, she was just too busy, then she actually had a baby. Then she was "just too busy" again... and, some time after that, her office just stopped responding to phone calls and e-mails. All of this from a woman who has claimed that she's ready, willing and able to discuss the issue, with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

As with Daigneault, I won't hold my breath waiting for you -- or any of the above-mentioned "pro-$moking" people -- to take me up on my challenge.

Errol E. Povah
President, Airspace Action on Smoking and Health