Short term objectives

  • Smoke-free multi-unit dwellings
  • Eliminating tobacco sales in pharmacies
  • Divesting public pension fund tobacco holdings including BCIMC and CPP
  • Increasing cigarette taxes
  • Increased efforts in fighting contraband tobacco
  • Making tobacco possession and use illegal for minors
  • Eliminating Duty-Free tobacco sales
  • Implement a deposit-return program to eliminate butt litter
  • Increase governmental anti-tobacco fundingĀ 
  • Reduce secondhand smoke exposure by a province-wide ban on smoking in parks, playgrounds, beaches, busy commercial streets, and all other outdoor gathering areas
  • Ban smoking in movies, TV shows and music videos shown in BC
  • Increase enforcement of current anti-tobacco laws and bylaws
  • Establishing a regulatory environment for the sale and use of electronic cigarettes

Long term objective

  • The end of the tobacco industry