Smoking kills some 5 million people around the world every year, But it doesn't bleed so it doesn't lead. We get occasional reminders about smoking's devastating impact on health when a Yul Brynner, a Nat King Cole, a George Harrison - or a Peter Jennings or Peter Gzowski - dies but, for the most part, families suffer their tragedies in private.

The nicotine industry acts with impunity, but it's not too late to begin demanding it be held responsible for its deadly actions. Unregulated, slender, deadly sticks of tar and carbon monoxide are killing scores of Canadians every day. That fact alone should make it into print and onto broadcasts and TV newscasts regularly. Peter Jennings and Peter Gzowski, at heart both good men and good reporters, would approve.

Stan Shatenstein, Contributing Editor, Tobacco Control
Co-editor, GLOBALink News & Information