On Tuesday, July 26, 2011 (at about 4:45 p.m.) -- with guest host Jill Bennett on CKNW's The World Today -- the topic was Metro Vancouver's Solid Waste Plan... specifically, the incineration idea. Bennett's guest was Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gates who, along with all Fraser Valley Regional District directors, strongly opposes incineration. Here are a couple of her more interesting (i.e., tobacco-related) quotes:

"We don't like breathing anyone's second-hand smoke!" and, in response to a caller who asked, "Is there a profit margin involved with the incinerator?", Gates' response was, "Oh my gosh, yes! Absolutely! The incinerator is a huge business for incineration companies... and the people that Metro brought in to try to sell us on it were actually people who've built and used incinerators. Of course, they also used a tobacco lobbyist; we know that. It was highly discredited; their studies for us..."