Editor, 24 Hours:

Controversial and difficult to define as the word "hero" always has been (it's both used too loosely and, even in well-earned/deserving cases, is often denied by the recipient), I've rarely associated it with either the Nobel Peace Prize or the Order of Canada.

In any case, if Alex G Tsakumis ("Morgentaler's hardly a hero", July 11) is seriously looking for people undeserving of either of the above-mentioned honours -- or the title "hero" -- he need look no further than Paule Gauthier, Doug Bassett and Pierre des Marais II.

"Who are they?", you're probably wondering. So glad you asked.

They're Canadian tobacco executives (SeeĀ "Three mass tobacco murderers members of the Order of Canada" on calgaryeyeopener.com)... part of an industry that is directly responsible for more deaths (worldwide) EVERY 6 HOURS than all of the 9/11 attacks! Sort of makes you wonder who the real terrorists are, doesn't it?

All recipients -- at least those with a conscience -- should have returned their Orders of Canada the day the honour was bestowed upon those three murderous bastards!

Errol E. Povah