Short term objectives

  • Smoke-free multi-unit dwellings
  • Eliminating tobacco sales in pharmacies
  • Divesting public pension fund tobacco holdings including BCIMC and CPP
  • Increasing cigarette taxes
  • Increased efforts in fighting contraband tobacco
  • Making tobacco possession and use illegal for minors
  • Eliminating Duty-Free tobacco sales
  • Implement a deposit-return program to eliminate butt litter
  • Increase governmental anti-tobacco fundingĀ 
  • Reduce secondhand smoke exposure by a province-wide ban on smoking in parks, playgrounds, beaches, busy commercial streets, and all other outdoor gathering areas
  • Ban smoking in movies, TV shows and music videos shown in BC
  • Increase enforcement of current anti-tobacco laws and bylaws
  • Establishing a regulatory environment for the sale and use of electronic cigarettes

Long term objective

  • The end of the tobacco industry

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Airspace Membership Form

Lost a loved one to tobacco? Sick of secondhand smoke? Angry that the tobacco industry targets young people? Don't get mad, fight back -- support an organization that is really doing something about it.

Airspace is the mover and shaker on BC tobacco policy. We are the longest-standing anti-tobacco organization in British Columbia. Tough with the tobacco industry (always) and government (when necessary), our hard-hitting, tenacious work speaks for itself.

We believe that:

  • Smokers, passive smokers and society have the right to hold the tobacco industry accountable and responsible for smoking related disease, disability and death.
  • Non-smokers have a right to breathe air that is not polluted with carcinogenic secondhand tobacco smoke.
  • Children have a right to a supportive, smoke-free environment that encourages a non-smoking lifestyle.
  • Smokers have a right to funded smoking cessation services.
  • The tobacco industry does not have a right to manipulate and deceive people, especially children, smokers, and ex-smokers.

The tobacco industry is active in BC. So, kick tobacco industry butt. Copy the form below, complete and forward it with your cheque or money order to the address below. Or use PayPal for a secure online credit card payment.

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Airspace Action on Smoking & Health
Box 18004, 1215c 56th St.
Delta, BC Canada V4L 2M4

Any information provided to us is kept strictly
confidential and is not sold to any other
organization.  We appreciate your support. Thank you.

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