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  1. "We all know about the problems with cigarettes," said Orillia high school student Brayden, 17. "They're bad for your health, but the long-term effects of marijuana are way better." A new study by the University of Waterloo's Propel Centre for Populatio
  2. 2017 Edition now available!
  3. Just as many teenagers use cannabis every day as smoke cigarettes, according to a new report from the Propel Centre for Population Health Impact at the University of Waterloo. The report, published today as a supplement to Tobacco Use in Canada: Pattern
  4. While non-smokers don't care, perhaps they should. The Ontario government is losing out on $700 million to $1.1 billion annually in taxes. Criminal gangs are involved in cigarette distribution across the province. Organized crime treats cigarette smuggli
  5. The dramatic plunge in smoking rates since the 1960s has saved 800,000 lives in the United States alone and accounts for most of the recent drop in cancer mortality, a 2012 American study concluded. If any basic science or drug discovery had made even c
  6. The City of Regina is poised to replace its current smoking bylaw — which deals with indoor areas — with a new set of rules also banning smoking in many outdoor places, starting July 15.
  7. the committee, which is made up of all city councillors, voted in favour of banning smoking and vaping at all city-owned spaces at all times. City administration had recommended banning smoking at public events and within 10 metres of playgrounds and oth
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