A video message from Jen Dobell

A video by documentary producer Gary Charbonneau (see Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered) and animal rights activist Jen Dobell.

Jen Non Smoking from Evotion Inc. on Vimeo.

Butt Out - documentary about cigarette litter

Documentary by Laurie Ladick, featuring Dr. Stuart Kreisman and North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussato.

Proposal by Dr. Kreisman and Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada: A Provincial Deposit – Return Program for Cigarettes (PDF)

Smoldering over e-cigarettes

Airspace President Errol Povah discusses e-cigarettes with Jim Goddard. Click here to listen.

"Sex, Lies and Cigarettes" Vanguard documentary

"Sex, Lies and Cigarettes", a documentary film by Christof Putzel, and aired in the "Vanguard" series on Current TV, is now available on YouTube.

Airspace Reality Check IV: Occupy Vancouver, Oct. 15

Errol Povah at Occupy Vancouver, Oct. 15Airspace President Errol Povah showed up at Occupy Vancouver on Oct. 15. He recorded a podcast about it. (Look below picture.)






Get MP3 (2.1 MB | 4:20 min)

Airspace's Reality Check for Bruce Allen II

CKNW's Bruce Allen hasn't gotten over the reality that the Celebration of Light is no longer called the Benson and Hedges Symphony of Fire. This is Airspace's response to something idiotic that Allen said on his Reality Check for July 29.

 Get MP3 (1.8 MB | 1:48 min)

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