With all due respect to Ernest "Smokey" Smith...

I served 3 1/2 years in the Canadian Navy. My father was a World War II vet who saw action while serving with the navy in the North Atlantic. And my grandfather was a WW I army vet. I have proudly been a member, in good standing, of two Royal Canadian Legions. I quite religiously attend - and shed tears at - Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Bottom line: I have a great deal of respect for all military veterans... past, present and future.

That said - and with all due respect - I do hope that, with the passing of Sergeant Ernest "Smokey" Smith, that's the last time we see/hear the nickname "Smokey."

Yes, Sergeant Smith lived to 91... and even made it to the ripe old age of 82 before he developed emphysema. He obviously smoked cigars in sufficient numbers to earn him both his nickname and a deadly smoking-induced disease.

Sergeant Smith beat the odds, twice. Most smokers aren't lucky enough to beat the odds once.

John Luik at the Fraser Institute, April 26, 1999

Here are first-hand reports from two AIRSPACE members who were present at John Luik's performance at the Fraser Institute on April 26, to promote his book, Passive Smoke: The EPA's Betrayal of Science and Policy:

His "Dr." is in political philosophy - he is not a scientist.

He admits that he is bought and paid for by the tobacco industry and seems to see no conflict in this.

His research on environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and on why young people smoke was in collaboration with the tobacco industry.

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The Crown vs. Errol Eric Povah

Errol Povah was arrested on 19 July 1996 for tossing a paint bomb at a "Player's Racing" billboard. He was tried for this offense on 9 January 1997. The result was a conviction, but an absolute discharge. This means no fine, and no criminal record.

The transcript of the trial which follows is an important document for several reasons. It includes an admission by an employee of Seaboard Advertising that "Player's Racing" billboards are, in reality, cigaret advertisements. It also includes testimony by Prof. Richard Pollay and Dr. Fred Bass on how tobacco advertising targets teenagers, and an eloquent statement by Errol Povah on the public menace of tobacco promotion.

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Osama's got nuthin' on these guys

Airspace would like to take a moment of silence in memory of all the victims callously butchered in metropolitan New York last year at the hands of Philip Morris.

What? You were expecting someone else?

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My tribute to Donald Woods and George Harrison

Two public figures I admired, journalist Donald Woods and musician George Harrison, died of lung cancer in 2001.

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Canadian Open Tennis Hall of Shame

"The Philip Morris executives I know... are enlightened people who understand and acknowledge the possible hazards of smoking." Billie Jean King, December 2,1993. Possible, Billie Jean? (She is a member of the Philip Morris/Altria board of directors.)

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Letter to the College of Pharmacists

Letter from Sera Kirk to the College of Pharmacists asking for a end to tobacco sales in pharmacies.

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The Real "Health Nazis"

A letter to the editor from Airspace Director Robert Broughton in response to a column by Lawrence Martin published in February, 1999.

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