A letter from Airspace President Errol Povah, published in the Epoch Times: 

As a long-time reader and supporter/subscriber, I'd like to comment on "Obesity, the Other Pandemic" (Aug 12 - 18 "Opinion").

While I don't disagree with a single word Theodore Dalrymple says, I'd simply like to draw your -- and your readers' -- attention to yet another pandemic... dare I say, the biggest (pardon the pun) one of all and yet, simultaneously, the biggest-ever "Elephant In The Room"... the pandemic that nobody wants to talk about.
I'm talking about tobacco/nicotine or, more specifically, Big Tobacco/Big Nicotine... the industry.
For the purposes of this letter, I'll spare you all of the long-established, well-known and readily-available gory details about both the product itself and, even more importantly, the rogue and predatory industry that manipulates, markets and sells the product.  No matter how it's designed/packaged, nicotine -- the most addictive drug known -- is the critical component in any and all tobacco/nicotine products...and underage children (especially those in developing nations) are the industry's most critical 'targets'.
However, since 'pandemics' is the subject here, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention this fact:  As of today (Aug 22, 2021) -- almost 18 months into the covid "pandemic" -- the global covid death toll stands at 4,442,801... while the global BT/BN death toll (over that exact same period of time) currently stands at 11,638,000. (Note:  The BT/BN number is based on World Health Organization estimates of more than 8 million tobacco deaths per year (and still climbing, globally)... or about 22,000 deaths per day.)
That's right, folks:  A year and a half into the "pandemic"... and BT/BN is still killing more than 2 1/2 times as many people as covid... bearing in mind, as well, that a huge percentage of covid deaths occurred in elderly people with one of more "comorbidities"... like heart disease, lung cancer, emphysema, COPD, many/most of which were/are caused by -- wait for it -- SMOKING! To be blunt:  Many of those elderly people are 95% dead from one smoking-caused disease or another, they get covid, then died... and those count as covid deaths?
People often respond to my comparison with something like, "But smoking isn't contagious" or "Nobody walks into a store and buys a package of covid."  Of course there are differences between the two pandemics, including this one:  Presumably, there is not a rogue and predatory trillion-dollar industry behind covid!

The single most important factor in all of this is the number of deathsNot the case counts, not the outbreak numbers, not the hospitalizations, not how many people are in the ICU... but the number of deaths!  And on that score, as I said before, BT/BN is 2 1/2 times worse than covid.
The world has been turned completely upside down for covid, while BIG TOBACCO/BIG NICOTINE -- the great, great grand-daddy of all corporate evil/corruption -- continues to be bli$$fully ignored. 
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