"The Philip Morris executives I know... are enlightened people who understand and acknowledge the possible hazards of smoking." Billie Jean King, December 2,1993. Possible, Billie Jean? (She is a member of the Philip Morris/Altria board of directors.)


Why This is a Problem

B.A.T./Imperial Tobacco is arguably the most dishonest corporate citizen on this planet. They deny, for public consumption, that they target children in their marketing, that they add ammonia to cigarettes, and that they use genetically-enhanced tobacco. Their own corporate documents, made public in State of Minnesota vs. Philip Morris, R.J. Reynolds et al, prove that they are lying. They deny that they were involved in cigarette smuggling, but a Brown and Williamson executive, Michael Bernstein, was convicted in the U.S. for this, and he testified during his trial that Imperial Tobacco executives supervised every step of the smuggling process. B.A.T.'s CEO, Martin Broughton, doesn't smoke cigarettes, and says that he doesn't want his children to smoke cigarettes, either. (He wants other peoples' children to smoke cigarettes.)

Heads should also roll over the christening of "Stade du Maurier". The use of tax money to put up a cigarette advertising billboard is totally unacceptable.

Why I've done this

I've been playing tennis since I was 12 years old. I enjoy the sport because it's a healthy, aerobic activity, and because of the values of sportsmanship the sport has traditionally encouraged. The idea of tennis being used as a marketing tool for the tobacco in dustry is, in my opinion, one of the greatest abominations on this planet.

From my high school yearbook, 1967

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