Davideath Swiss IndoorsIt wasn't easy, but we managed to end the association of the healthy sport of tennis with the unhealthy habit of tobacco in Canada nine years ago.

The use of professional tennis to promote tobacco use has not come to a complete end, however. There is a "Davidoff Swiss Indoors" tournament happening in Basel, Switzerland. Pictures of Roger Federer, who is currently ranked #1 in men's singles, are being used in the promotion of this event, and it features ballboys and ballgirls wearing t-shirts with Davidoff logos.

A web site and a Facebook page have been set up to oppose this event; http://davideathswissindoors.ch/ and Stop the Davideath Swiss Indoors!.

Article in swissinfo.ch: Federer fires up anti-smoking emotions. Includes a poll.

Federer and future Davidoff smoker

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